Tips for a long solo motorcycle trip around Europe

Are you planning a motorcycle trip around Europe? This post, packed with useful tips and practical information, will help you do just that. Europe is a fantastic place for road trips, and if you are a passionate rider, you won’t be disappointed. Going on a solo motorcycle trip always requires some extra preparation than just dreaming about gelatoor museums. What gear to take, what spares, deciding your itinerary, all different aspects of your solo motorcycle trip through Europe but all equally important.

Tips if you are planning on touring Europe by motorcycle

Europe has some of the best tourist destinations in the world. Making a solo motorcycle trip around Europe to see these beautiful places from the saddle is any bikers dream comes true.

1. Adding some extra space

Since space is a major consideration if you are touring Europe by motorcycle, try adding some extra storage capacity by means of better-designed clip-on side bags and hard-topped top cases that can be fitted on your motorcycle.

Thereafter straddle and balance out everything, in order to get a rough idea about the overall carrying capacity of your bike.

2. Chalking out your route and itinerary for your motorcycle trip around Europe

Once you know the route that you are going to follow, it will become very easy for you to work out as to what special items of clothing you need to carry.

Also, it will give you an idea of other material that you need to carry with you.

You also need to know the same to work out a strategy in case you require some spare parts when you’re going on a long solo motorcycle tour around Europe and are negotiating a difficult terrain.

3. Lay out everything in a clever way

Make a detailed list of all the items you want to take with you on your motorcycle touring in Europe and lay them all out in small groups, generally in the order of your packing and use.

Pack all the emergency and essential items separately, so that you can reach for them without any difficulty.

4. Pack carefully

Packing efficiently is an art that should be used well when planning a long solo motorcycle trip around Europe.

It will help to maximize the space and also in catering to your day-to-day needs while you’re out there in the open.
The general idea behind packing efficiently is that you must keep the equipment in the order of its usage and importance of requirement, should any emergency occur en-route.

5. Inspect your bike and get it serviced

Check your bike for the condition and correct inflation of tires, as well as the engine.

It is always a good idea to get a complete service check-up done before moving so that you do not have to worry about small snags that may happen en-route.

Ensure that the tires, controls, lights, oil, lubricants and all essentials have been checked thoroughly.

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