Travel Tips For India

India is a mix of cultures and people. If you are traveling to India you should be aware about everything related to it. In this article we have mentioned traveling India tips, which will help you to explore India safely and easily.

  • Entry – You should first know about all the requirements, which you need while coming to India, Visa, passport, Id proof everything should be there, so that at the airport you do not face any problem.
  • Slow and steady – India is very big country and you cannot explore every part of it in just one trip. You should first visit Delhi, Agra, which will give you an idea about how India is actually. Than you can go for trekking towards Himalayas, then towards Kerala and Rajasthan, at last you can go to Goa for exotic beach ending.

  • Weather – India has 4 seasons. You should first know which place is better to visit at which time of the year. It is very important to plan it, if you really want to enjoy the place.
  • Health – Maintaining your health is very important while traveling. Always look for the good food and sealed water bottles. Do not try to eat much from streets, your stomach may not support it.

  • Scammers – If you are new to India, scammers always try to cheat you for money by offering India tour packages and all. Be aware and alert and if you have any relative or friends than try to travel with them, so that they can save you from any scams. It is one of the important traveling India tips.
  • Local Language – You should try to learn few basic works like Thank you, Please, etc in Hindi. Using these words will connect you to the people of India, and will be easy for you to travel.
  • Dressing – In India you should dress according to the place. People here follow culture and like to dress simply and nicely. Do not go for dresses which cannot suit the place and you become the point of talk among the people.
  • Transportation – You should know what modes of transportation you can choose for going to different places.

India will never disappoint you anytime. It has various foods, arts, cultures and other things to offer. We hope this article has given you an idea about how to travel in India safely and happily. These traveling India tips are very important to remember.